Les Petits Princes de Vanina

Les Petits Princes de Vanina
Inspired by the writings of Saint-Exupéry, our ‘Les Petits Princes de Vanina’ initiative aims at supporting the education of children in need, through the design and sale of a non-profit fashion product, released every year during the Christmas holidays.

This year, Vanina collaborates ’Teach a child”, a Beirut-based NGO that provides support to children across Lebanon to help them enroll in public schools, regardless of their gender, religion, location or performance. 100% of the revenue generated by the sale of this gold-plated bracelet will be dedicated to financing the schooling of ‘our little princes’.

With higher targets every year, our aim is to make a bigger difference and sustain the impact that we’ve already created thanks to you.

A report will be communicated at the end of January 2015, and we will be revealing the number of scholarships that we will be handling in 2015.

If you wish to know more about ‘Teach a Child’, make a donation or take part in their projects, please visit their website www.teachachild.org or give them a call on the (00961) 1 747 266.
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    Is it still possible to buy this bracelet ?