Ladies, Gentlemen, Vanina is once again enlarging its team!

We’re offering a new managerial position at our workshop: Production Coordinator.
Here’s a quick job description:

Key Responsibilities
-You will help manage the production lines, order handling, and sourcing of raw materials. You will be based at the main Vanina Workshop in Zalka, and you will also coordinate the manufacturing at our affiliated workshops and factories.

The job will involve
-Handling of production queue, order of supplies, material inventory.
-Quality control, packing, labeling.
-Assist in coordinating the maintenance of the workshop facility, storage, machinery, and tools.
-Preparing and managing artisans’ timesheets and schedules.
-You will be exposed to all the steps behind the manufacturing of the Vanina products: both traditional and technological methods of production.
-You will also be involved in some parts of the design process, prototyping, and product developments. Qualifications
-Bachelor in Management or equivalent degree.
-Works fast and efficiently, yet with strong attention to detail.
-Good knowledge and use of Microsoft Excel is a must.
-Use of the Adobe series (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) is a plus.
-Past experience in production management and manufacturing will be highly appreciated. However, if you’re new to the field, don’t get discouraged, your passion and ambition might be enough.

-If interested, please email us your resume and letter of intent to

We’re looking forward to meeting you,

tatiana & joanne