When hearing facts like ’1 recycled tin can would save enough energy to power a television for 3 hours*’, it is almost impossible to not feel an immediate sense of responsibility towards the environment.

At Vanina, we are constantly using fashion as a tool in discovering the synergy between fashion and sustainability. This led to ‘Conserved’, our latest collection proposing a luxurious afterlife to tin cans.

First, with the help of ‘arcenciel‘, an NGO with an extensive environmental program that helps fight the waste crisis in Lebanon by sorting it for reuse and recycling, the tin cans are collected.

Next, the tin cans are transformed by hand, mechanically, and through digital processes while aiming for zero-waste. The pieces are individually washed, polished, and lacquered at our workshop to prepare for the handcraft.

Finally, the individual pieces are handcrafted into fun and colorful jewels at our Beirut workshop, in addition to rural neighborhoods through the help of local NGO ‘Sawa‘.

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