A quick look at our contribution for Beirut Design Week 2016: ’ZERO EQUALS INFINITY’ – because zero-waste offers endless possibilities of development.
A behind-the-scenes view of our sustainable fashion lines – experiments on how to do more with less.

installation - conserved 2installation - conserved
The zero-waste transformation of one tin-can leads to several pieces of jewelry.

installation - paperpaper - leaves
A stack of used paper is digitally carved out to give way to a variety of our ‘leaves’ jewels.

installation - plastic bags plastic bags - still life
One plastic bag of processed food is hand-stitched into our new ‘still life’ edition.

installation - patches
And our ‘patches’ line allows for the reuse of the left-overs of our pattern-cutting process.

The exhibit is open for public and will stay throughout the month of June in our Store in Mar Mikhael.
VANINA STORE Armenia Street, Saliba Market Bldg, 1rst Floor. +961 1 448173