VANINA is a social enterprise that spontaneously grew out of a common passion between childhood friends Tatiana Fayad and Joanne Hayek. It all started with a jewelry line in 2007, and grew to become a lifestyle label, presenting seasonal collections of women accessories, jewelry and apparel, all proudly sourced and produced in Lebanon.

By using fashion as a visual form of art, capable of carrying a cultural message, the Vanina products hide a passionately engaged activism. Through innovation, collaboration and transparency, the brand aims at using fashion as a tool for social and environmental changes. A tool that explores the synergy between Fashion and Sustainability.

Tatiana Fayad - portrait
Joanne Hayek - portrait

Tatiana and Joanne created their company at age 19. In parallel, they have pursued their education in the respective fields of marketing and architecture, which made their teamwork uniquely complementary, resulting in the creation of a brand of many synergies, passionately marrying technology with tradition, industry with handcraft, waste with luxury, innocence with responsibility.