‘The Samen Eco Gardens’

A magical place of botanic culture and organic farming hidden within the outskirts of Beirut. SEG serves as a platform for spontaneous encounters and inspirational exchange. 
A demonstration space for close-to-nature lifestyle and healthy living, the gardens are a place of constant growth, perpetual learning, and joyful toiling. 
Nadim and Andrea, siblings and owners of Samen Eco Gardens, are always happy to walk to you through their grounds. They cherish the opportunities of passing on their knowledge and experience and always welcome new avenues for learning and collaborating. 
Browse through a limited selection of seasonal waters and essential oils while also discovering SEG’s medicinal plants requiring very little care but countless benefits in return. 

Vist them. You’ll be amazed.

‘College Du Liban Pour Les Handicapes’

The Beit Chabeb handicap hospital is a sacred spot established away from the city life and home to the courageous men who fought through the Lebanese civil war. 
A space has been established inside the hospital dedicated to promoting and boasting the beautiful handiwork created by these men who choose to lead a self-reliant life free from any disability stereotype. 
Roukoz, chandler and manager at the hospital is an impassioned man who has restored pride to the occupants who were once convinced of their diminished value to society. All proceeds from the candles now allow these men to sustain their own lives. 

Vanina loves products will be displayed and available for purchase at our store through the months of December and January.

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