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Discover our Delicatesse upcycled collection

Discover our Delicatesse upcycled collection



a series of sustainable evening bags exclusively made for Net-a-Porter

repurposing non-recyclable food packaging through handwoven origami

Lebanon, Vanina’s home country, currently suffers from alarming waste management issues, and unemployment and economic difficulties. Soft processed food packagings are almost impossible to recycle due to their mix of aluminum and plastic layers, which is difficult and costly to separate. Through close collaboration with NGOs ‘Arc-En-Ciel’ and ‘La Voix de La Femme’, Vanina established a network of collection of used plastic food packagings, which are then delicately washed and sorted to prepare for reuse.
The bags are designed and manufactured using digital technologies which transform the collected sheets into origami patterns
ready for the skilled artisans’ hands to take over
for patient hand-pleating.
Thank you Nour Braidy for highlighting our work and your very interesting article on L'Orient Le Jour.

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