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A look into the behind-the-scenes of Vanina. We take you through the four corners of Lebanon to discover the stories beneath our products, and the journeys of the skilled artisans who craft them.
Videos by Carl Halal.
This first edit takes place in the Beqaa Valley, where we have opened an eco-jewelry atelier with the help of SAWA for Aid and Development. Ammar, the workshop manager, tells us his story.
Back in Beirut, in his shoe factory, Raffi tells us about his passion and struggle to perpetuate a craft inherited from his father.
A few steps away, Tony, our leather master, shares the intimacy of his workshop and his view of the handbag manufacturing.
Back up past the Beqaa Valley, the town of Arsal hides highly skilled weaving artisans.
Back in Burj Hammoud, Vatche and Ayoub tell us about their journey into the world of garment manufacturing.
A few kilometers away, our pattern maker Souad shares her path into the world of fashion creation and her view of the industry.
The textile remains of the pattern-cutting of Souad, Vatche, Tony and Ayoub end up at Haytham's desk, in the embroidery workshop, where he turns them into his magic. Here he is sharing his passion.
And we end our journey at our main workshop in Beirut, with our core team of skilled artisans, who have been with us since the very start.

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