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vanina - still life necklace - non-biodegradable plastic bags & swarovski crystals


Difficult and costly to recycle, most plastic bags end up on landfill sites where they take around 300 years to photo-degrade. They break down into tiny toxic particles that contaminate the soil and waterways and enter the food chain when animals accidentally ingest them.

For our collaboration with Swarovski, we’ve decided to propose a new statement jewelry series, that would work on transforming this harmful byproduct of mass-consumption, into an object of luxury.

We’ve created ‘still life’, or ‘nature morte’ in french, our own way of paying tribute to our planet’s nature.

We need your help. Nature needs your help. Please avoid using plastic bags.
And, if ever you really really need to, please keep them aside for us. They’re quite precious now.
Vanina will be collecting plastic bags at its Beirut showroom starting June 13th, surprises are awaiting you!



vanina - still life necklace - non-biodegradable plastic bags


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