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This month, we are excited to talk about Badguèr – a non-profit organization founded in 2012 and nestled in the heart of Nor Marash, one of Bourj Hammoud’s oldest neighborhoods.
We were happy to discover the work of this organization, committed to promoting local savoir-fair. Behind the walls of the peaceful ‘old pink house’ (a renovated 1930s building), Badguèr -meaning ‘image’, or ‘window’- presents itself as a cultural and social platform aiming at giving recognition and exposure to a unique mix of traditional skills, which the Armenian community of Bourj Hammoud has carried through for generations, contributing to the enrichment of the colorful cultural mosaic of Lebanon.

Aiming at ‘creating links’, to foster sustainable economic development through creative collaborations, Badguèr presents itself as a great partner for our search for local traditional crafts. With their help, we are currently working to expand our manufacturing network.

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